一把握水系的策划原则 One grasp of the planning principle of water system 1、曲水有情,环抱为上 1, QUXU love, surrounded by. 根据建筑风水学的基本原则,水以曲为上,曲水更具有聚气的效果,直流之水所聚集的能量要减弱。曲水还要分在曲水的哪个方向,一般来说,在水的内弯处为上,在内弯处的对面则不吉反凶。所以,在水系规划时,就应该将建筑规划设计在水系的内环处,形成所谓玉带缠腰的风水效果。 According to the basic principles of geomantic omen in architecture, water is more effective for gathering water than curved ones, and the energy gathered by DC water should be weakened. Qu Shui is also divided into the direction of Qu Shui. Generally speaking, it is located at the inner bend of the water and opposite to the inner bend. Therefore, in the water system planning, we should build the planning and design in the inner ring of the water system, forming the so-called Fengtie effect of the jade belt wrapped around the waist. 2、水系以动为佳,有动感的水能量会更强。 2, water system is better to move, and dynamic water energy will be stronger. 动感的水可包括:流水、喷水、跌水、涌水等,这几种水都可以,流水占的面比较大,影响的面也比较大,故要以环抱建筑为上;喷水、跌水、涌水等占的面比较小,影响也往往局限在靠近的建筑。原则来说,水系都要在建筑的向星旺的方位上为佳,在建筑向星衰死的方位要大打折扣。哪里是向星当旺,哪里又是向星衰死,需要建筑风水的专业人士才能确定,非几句话能说清楚。 The moving water can include water, water, water, water and so on. These kinds of water are all right, the surface of the water is large and the surface of the influence is large, so it is necessary to embrace the building. The surface of water, water, water and so on is small, and the influence is often limited to the construction near. In principle, the water system should be better in the direction of building to Xing Wang, and the direction of building declines to death should be greatly reduced. Where is the star to flourish, and where is the star dying? It is necessary for professionals who need geomantic omen to make sure that a few words can be clearly stated. 二园区道路的规划原则 Two planning principles of Park Road 在建筑风水学上,道路为假水,其作用与水相似。所以,道路的规划应遵循上述流水水系的规划原则,同时,应特别注意的是,道路不要直冲建筑,若此种情况无法回避,则应在受冲的位置以植树等措施加以化解。 In architectural geomantic omen, the road is pseudo water, and its function is similar to that of water. Therefore, the planning of the road should follow the planning principle of the water system above. At the same time, we should pay special attention to the road not going straight to the building. If this situation can't be avoided, it should be solved by planting trees in the position of being washed. 三假山的规划原则 The planning principle of three rockery “山主人丁水主财”,山在风水上是有着重要作用的。为了旺人丁,在园区建造假山不失为一种可行的方法,但假山的设置也是有讲究的。 The mountain owners play the important role in the geomantic omen. In order to build a flourishing population, rockery is a feasible method in the park, but also pay attention to set up a rockery. 1、方位:假山一定要在建筑山星当旺的方位上,如在山星衰死的方位,则适得其反。 1, orientation: the rockery must be in the prosperous position of the building star, such as the position of the star dying.





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