春季绿化养护的几个要点 Several key points of greening maintenance in spring 一、除杂草 1. Weed except weeds 在植物生长各阶段不定期采取机械挖除或使用化学除草剂处理的方法,去除非目的植物。 At all stages of plant growth, mechanical removal or chemical herbicide treatment is used to remove non target plants. 二、松土 Two. 在乔、灌木穴盘内松土,一般结合施肥和除草进行,以改善土壤通透性状,促进乔、灌木生长。对于生长期超过三年的草坪每年需用疏根机和打孔机分别进行疏根和打孔处理,每年于初夏和中秋各疏根一次,打孔可于春季进行,每年一次。 In the Qiao and shrubs, the soil is loosed, which is generally combined with fertilization and weeding to improve the soil permeability and promote the growth of trees and shrubs. For the lawn for more than three years, the grass thinning machine and punching machine are used each year to carry out the sparse root and hole drilling respectively. Each year in the early summer and the mid autumn day, the root is thinning. 三、施肥 Three. Fertilization 在一年养护期间,乔木需一次性施用复合肥3千克/株,孤植灌木2千克/株,密植灌木带与片植花卉5千克/米,结合松土除草施于穴盘内根系分布的深度(约20-30厘米)。草坪于春、初夏、夏末、中秋分次分量施用复合肥8.5千克/100米。 During one year maintenance, the tree needs to apply a compound fertilizer of 3 kg / plant, 2 kilogram of isolated shrubs and 5 kg / m in dense planting shrubs and floral plants, and the depth (about 20-30 cm) in the root system of the acupoint. In the spring, early summer, late summer and mid autumn, the lawn uses 8.5 kg / 100 m of compound fertilizer. 四、灌溉 Four. Irrigation 根据绿化区气候和立地条件测试单次灌溉灌量(以润湿50厘米种植土深度为度),年度总体执行情况应根据当时当年气候情况来决定,以保证植物正常生长。 In order to ensure the normal growth of plants, the annual overall performance should be determined according to the climate conditions at that time according to the climate and site conditions of the afforestation area to test the single irrigation irrigation (the depth of the 50 cm soil depth). 五、整形 Five. Reshaping 孤植乔灌木整形修剪应于树木休眠期进行,密植灌木带和剪形球状孤植灌木及花卉,根据其纹样点技术要求和冠形景观要求,于夏秋两季视植物生长情况实施修剪,剪除病枯枝及冒生枝条。禾草草坪修剪应当在草坪复萌生长达10~12厘米时进行第一次修剪,其后每次修剪掉的高度决不要超过植株高度的1/3,剪留高度一般应在5~8厘米。干旱季节或干旱多风气候类型区留茬高度应增加l~2厘米。一般应每7~15天修剪一次,每次修剪都应变换修剪方向。三叶草草坪应于夏季盛花期后和秋末各修剪一次。 The shrubs and shrubs should be pruned in the dormancy period of trees, dense shrubs and scissors, and shrubs and flowers. According to the requirement of the Wacom shape, the plant growth in the two quarter of summer and autumn was pruned, and the dry branches of the disease were cut off and the branches were cut. Grass lawn pruning should be pruned for the first time when the turf sprout is 10~12 centimeters. The height of each trimming must not exceed the 1/3 height of the plant, and the height of the clipping should be 5~8 cm. The stubble height should be increased from L to 2 cm in dry season or dry and windy climate. Generally, it should be trimmed every 7~15 days, and trimming direction should be changed for each pruning. Clover grass should be pruned once in summer and later in autumn.





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