A Metaphorical Study of Places in Landscape Design
Courtyard Landscape Design
在环境景观设计领域里,尤其是在国内环境景观理论比较落后的当今,有相当长的时间里停留在对场所应该满足使用者具有的物质功能分析和研究上,很少对环境场所具有的精神功能作细致的分析和探讨。随着社会的不断发展,人们生活质量的提高,人们对环境场所的精神需要不断增多,环境景观设计应该把注意力更多地注意到环境的宜人性和情感性方面。注重场所本身所反映的情感特征,和使用者的情感、心理反映,因此景观设计除应当具有一定功 能满足外,更应当注重整个环境带给人们的精神满足,反映更多的是景观作为人生存和向往的人文关怀。
In the field of environmental landscape design, especially in China, the theory of environmental landscape is relatively backward nowadays. For quite a long time, it has stayed in the analysis and research of the material function that the place should satisfy the users, and seldom made a detailed analysis and discussion of the spiritual function of the environmental place. With the continuous development of society and the improvement of people's quality of life, people's spiritual needs for environmental places are increasing. Environmental landscape design should pay more attention to the pleasant and emotional aspects of the environment. Attention should be paid to the emotional characteristics reflected by the place itself and the emotional and psychological reflection of the users. Therefore, landscape design should not only have certain functional satisfaction, but also pay attention to the spiritual satisfaction brought by the whole environment, reflecting more the humanistic care of the landscape as people's survival and yearning.
Metaphor, as an extremely universal and important way of expressing thoughts and feelings, plays a very important role in literature and art, and also has great advantages in landscape design. The metaphor of landscape is conveyed to people through the place, a bridge between human beings and the environment, and the result of the interaction between environment and human physiology and psychology. The metaphor of place is also the mental or psychological, emotional attitude or some cognitive relationship that people show by recognizing the environment itself. In fact, metaphor is also a part of human culture and an important manifestation of human thinking. In today's need for more humanistic care, the application of metaphor in design is particularly important and diverse. The development of science and technology in the information age has given designers more space to use place metaphor. It is also of practical significance for design to analyze and study it in the new era.





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