Main contents of landscape engineering construction management
(1) Project management
The key to the overall organization and management of the whole project, including the management of the preliminary project and the construction process, is the construction speed.
Important links: make all kinds of preparation before construction; prepare project plan; determine reasonable construction period; draw up technical measures to ensure construction period and construction quality; carry out reasonable project management through various charts and detailed schedule plans, and incorporate possible problems in construction into project plan, and do necessary preventive work.
(2) Quality management
The quality standard is determined according to the quality characteristics of the project. The purpose is to ensure the full superiority of construction products and meet the landscape and other functional requirements of the garden. According to the quality standards, the quality inspection and supervision of the whole process shall be carried out, and the construction management shall be carried out by using the quality management chart and evaluation factors; the materials supplied in the construction shall be inspected and accepted, and the material storage shall be done well to ensure the quality.
(3) Safety management
保证工程顺利施工和保证企业经济效益的重要环节。建立相应的安全管理组织,拟定安全管理规范,落实安全生产的具体措施,监督施工过程的各个环节。如发现问题,要及时采取必要的措施努力避免或减少损失,杜绝劳动伤害 。
It is an important link to ensure the smooth construction of the project and the economic benefits of the enterprise. Establish corresponding safety management organization, draw up safety management specification, implement specific measures of safety production, and supervise all links of construction process. If problems are found, necessary measures shall be taken in time to avoid or reduce losses and eliminate labor injuries.
(4) Cost management
The purpose of construction management is to get the best and largest economic income with the lowest investment. Therefore, there should be a concept of cost in the construction process, which should not only ensure the quality and meet the construction period, but also pay attention to the economic benefits. Do a good job in budget management, do a good job in the analysis of economic indicators, reduce the project cost and increase the surplus.
(5) Labor management
Attention should be paid to the construction of construction team, especially the training of garden plant cultivation and management technology for construction personnel. Besides the necessary labor contract and logistic support, labor insurance should be done well. Strengthen professional technical training and adopt competitive reward system to mobilize the enthusiasm of construction personnel. At the same time, formulate the production responsibility system, determine the advanced and reasonable labor quota, protect the interests of workers and clarify their construction responsibilities.





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